About Us

Absolute Vacuum & Engineering was started in 2004 by David Joseph, a Mechanical Engineer with more than 27years experience in many diverse engineering industries.

While working for a leading vacuum pump manufacturer in 2003, David found that most customers had limited knowledge of vacuum pumps or systems and were unsure how to integrate the equipment into their particular application.  There were no avenues where customers could seek specialised and expert advice.

Absolute Vacuum & Engineering has grown from initially supplying the boatbuilding industry into designing, manufacturing, installing and servicing complete vacuum and blowing systems for such diverse applications as the medical and allied health fields, universities, TAFE and other learning facilities, Government and local Councils, printing and cabinet making industries.  Absolute Vacuum & Engineering has provided systems to not only local industry, but interstate and international companies also.

Absolute Vacuum & Engineering has developed its own range of quality Vacuum Infusion consumables in response to a lack of suitable product.  This range is used by local, interstate and international clients.

Absolute Vacuum & Engineering is an industry leader and continues to offer personalised advice and service.  This enables you to be confident that your business will be enhanced by the efficiency and reliability of systems supplied and serviced by Absolute Vacuum & Engineering.